I want a girl who I can bring home to my mom to make her say damn now I understand why your a lesbian

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but apparently not enough for her own life to be saved.

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"One of my girlfriends has to be very careful in daylight as the sun’s rays are extremely harmful to her skin. The other is a vampire."

- Laura Hollis

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"why can’t 2 girls just be friends!???"

why can’t you stay out of the korrasami tag honestly

When has it EVER been that 2 girls aren’t just friends??  ffs they are always made <i>just friends</i>.  Where do these people think this is a good argument, fucking Fantasyland?! Specifically of the 20 or so female characters in the 7 seasons of Avatar we have seen friendships among them spanning age/class/ethnicity/ability/ideology/etc. and every single canonical bond to this point has been specifically focused on friendship, and their great brilliant argument in the case of Korra and Asami is why can’t 2 girls just be friends?!  The real question every single one of those fuckers needs to be asking is “Why can’t 2 girls be more than just friends?” and followed by “Why the fuck am I so goddamn insecure and threatened that just this once they might not be ~just friends~?”

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Now that the Carm bracelet is off for their midnight dancing you KNOW the Dean is gonna bust through that door any minute


I’m having a beer for breakfast.  It’s also 1:30 in the afternoon.


Wake the fuck up Perry you’re missing it!!

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I saw this step-by step tutorial of how to Gird Your Loins and it needed to be readjusted. 

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I have to say that an interesting contrast between Danny and Carmilla is that Danny feels this pressing urge to protect Laura at the expense of the other girl’s agency. She tries to be the hero for Laura,grabbing a stake and taking matter into her own hands when a…

"Do your thing but if they hurt you i will kill them", okay, but how does Danny agreeing to Laura holding a vampire captive in her room for 2 weeks and only interfering after the vampire escapes and bites her not qualify under this same line of thinking?

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